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Covid and Modern Life

Photo prompt curtsy of Roger Bultot

The time was when one could flit using just a handcart, so my great aunt said. Today I found myself flitting for the first time. But how to do it taking all the paraphernalia of modern living, when one has no cash left.

Well I offered bribes, so Julie got the babies high chair, as she took on the role of lookout. Why? Well I would have to move in secret if I was to avoid the rent collector and his side kicks…

As I am not of the modern generation, I find WordPress difficult to understand. I apologise for how my link to Friday Fictioneers Page is set up.

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  1. Michael, it is a good reflection of some of the hardship people are going through during covid. From what I read today, even our universities will be putting their hands out. They’ve suffered massive losses in revenue. Our family has actually become better off financially during covid as my husband is working from home and now that he’s not spending 3 hours commuting, he’s getting a lot done around the house. Unfortunately, our Alfa Romeo decided to become rather demanding of his attention but is back on the road again now, which is leaving him working on the caravan for rego tomorrow. Keeping our kids on track is keeping us busy too. Our son has end of year exams atm and is more interested in just about everything else. Meanwhile, our daughter goes on night wanders with her friends. I’m being kept on my toes but all good really. Just some tweaking required.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Rowena, firstly thank you for your comment, it is always good to know how a story works. … These are strange times… Like your daughter I often walk at night time, it is much quieter and offers a different perspective on nature etc… I am frustrated with the university’s asking for extra cash. Surely with their brains, they might come up with inventive ideas of how to fund themselves. Maybe offering a wide range of courses online for the older individual. They have many untapped resources and need to use them. Many people are having to do at present. My car is getting so little use that it will last much longer, which is very good. Whilst with holiday travel being almost unavailable, I am also saving money.

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