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Light Beam


Jennie felt the music coursing through her as she was lifted in the beam, it was scintillating, she had never been able to appreciate music before. Around her the light became incandescent as it was super heated. She was being consumed by music, it was exquisite, a intense feeling of wellbeing overcame her. Then she was catapulted into darkness and oblivion.

Crater was a paradise if you were a ice dweller, the colours were overpowering, a deep blue virgin sky gave a strange luminosity to the millennia old ice. Jennie thought it was likely that she was the first individual to visit the constellation of Crater. The power of the light beam that had brought her here had been sensational, but it was dwarfed by the pulsating beam of light that emanated from the core of Crater.

As she travelled into the core and back in time she realised that everything that had ever existed was mirrored within Craters core. Life forces lay alongside sounds and images, waves of pure colour mixed with an interminable spectrum of energy. However she could not reach out and touch anything, for everything was bound in unclouded ice. Ice as pure as a mountain stream. – Time was a fixed line, nothing could change that.

[The light drifting down to earth mixed with a beam of light leaving earth].

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