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The Village

Open to the stars, it appeared easy. Dom studied the snow covered scene, wondering where were the footprints. The snow was to pristine, there was even no evidence of wild life tracks. In Dom’s view wild life only stayed away…

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Just Like That

Solomon Ward allowed his veranda chair to swing, the gentle moment at least stirred the harsh heat of the desert. Slowly the pieces of an idea where coming together. An idea that would make Solomon and his family fabulously wealthy.…

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It could happen

The earth’s 501 AI’s had spoken as one. Christmas was banned. Instead humanity was to be allowed to complete in interactive games against the AI’s. Amber looked at her collection of Christmas items. She wondered about placing them in a…

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Colour change

Ours golden orb was changing, slowly turning orange. We were told not to worry. They drilled deep into the earth’s core to extract energy. They placed energy collectors in space. They built many AIs to research into mankind’s biggest problem.…

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