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It could happen

Photo prompt curtsy of 0
Photo prompt curtsy of Akshata Ram

The earth’s 501 AI’s had spoken as one. Christmas was banned. Instead humanity was to be allowed to complete in interactive games against the AI’s. Amber looked at her collection of Christmas items. She wondered about placing them in a time capsule. But where to put the time capsule that was her problem. Her son Ishwar was one of the construction crew building a Dyson sphere which was to take the first wave of humanity to far flung galaxies. She might ask him to place the capsule within the Dyson. Then maybe in the future Christmas might return to humanity. As Amber looked at her collection she wondered what would the items mean in a thousand years. For Amber each item was a reminder of happier times spent with her family. She loved Christmas, damn the AI’s, she would celebrate Christmas. Future generations could forget Christmas, but she certainly would not.

Word count 150

For many people Christmas can be a difficult time, so in time humanity might allow a cohort of five hundred AI’s to manage its affairs. Until then, may I offer the compliments of the season to all who read my assorted offerings.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. Um…a Dyson sphere isn’t a spacecraft as such. It’s a gigantic globe built around a sun out to (if it were our sun) the orbit of the Earth, using all of the solar system’s raw materials (planets, asteroids, and such), and is designed both to capture 100% of the sun’s radiant energy and provide humanity with an inexhaustible supply of living space.

    Sorry, but the old science and science fiction fan in me just had to speak up.

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