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A conversation on the road

Photo prompt curtsy of
Photo prompt curtsy of Jodi McKinney

“Morning Drover, them animals behaving for you”.

“Not likely, I’ll be glad to get them to Knaresborough fair, them’s right awkward cusses. Them’s spoilt breakfast with them’s antics. They don’t like walking on these new fangled toll roads”.

“Well thou could them over the moor tops, but thou might loose a couple of them in the bogs, they’s bad this year, there’s a lot of cotton grass on the tops this year. However if I was you I’d stay on the toll road, as there’s a hunting dog got loose. So the squire tells me. The dog frightened a ladies horse, them it skittish, she got thrown. They had to take her to the Manor House. She be all shaken up. They’s sent for a bone setter. Thee best stay on the toll road, it’s safer, even if thee gets charged for using it.”

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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