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A hard life

Photo copyright Yarnspinnerr:
Photo copyright Yarnspinnerr:

“The boy must learn mother”.
“But he is so young”.
“You are never to young mother, you taught me that”.

The bakery was in full swing, in the corners, sacks of flour piled high, turned white with with flour dust. Below them Reyansh aged eight and indentured to Mr Acharya, wondered if the rat he had seen heading down the broken drain valued it’s freedom.

“Reyansh those puffs will not pack themselves”
“Yes master”

As nightfall arrived Reyansh climbed to the top layer of sacks and pushed his younger brother Sahil further back. That night Reyansh’s dreamed of this home, he saw his mother making pastry’s, and himself helping her. Until the day the kidnappers arrived.

Before dawn the boys dreams where disturbed by the foreman’s calling them to work. As Reyansh started packing more pastries, he saw the rat watching him for the drain. Soon yes soon thought Reyansh, me and my brother will escape, and return home.

“Reyansh those puffs will not pack themselves”
“Yes master”…

Michael Humphris.

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