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Grandparents at work

Photo prompt curtsy of Sunday Photo Fiction
Photo prompt curtsy of Sunday Photo Fiction

“I am sorry Jammie, they are not going to let you on the plane with the dog in your bag. I know that grandparents are supposed to be able to fix things”.

“But granddad I really love him. He saved me when he grabbed my school satchel and pulled me back on to the pavement. If he had not grabbed my school bag, a car would have hit me”.

“Jim we have got to do something, Jammie is right”.

“I know my love, but our daughter is expecting her son to arrive at Edinburgh airport”.

“Jim could we hire a car and drive to Edinburgh, please love. Let the plane go without us”.

“I ninety one years old darling, they will not hire a car to me: but dam it, I’ll hire a taxi. I don’t like queuing anyway, it reminds me of rationing during the war”.


A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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