Jakes’ Revenge

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There was almost no soil left on earth, the visitors to earth had seen to that. Jem had seen them land, and narrowly escaped their transformation of earth’s atmosphere.

It was strange the things that people had brought into the underground shelter when they fled from the poisonous blue gas. When George said that he would bring a comfort station no one expected him to arrive carrying a loo, for there was no spare water.

So the loo had become a throne to mankinds survival. It contained a small amount of soil, which was now being replicated, food then flowers.


Jakes is an old English word for the Privy.

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  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Michael,

    A fitting revenge. I’ve just learned something. I didn’t know Jake…here in the States it’s John. 😉 Some apostrophe issues, my friend. The apostrophe is to show possession. Jake’s Revenge. ‘earth’s atmosphere.’ Nicely done aside from that.



  2. ansumani

    I’m sure they came up with innovative ways to “water” the plants 🙂 Hope we preserve clean water around the world and don’t end up like this story.

    Nicely done.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Having clean water is a very special privilege; as is having soil to grow food. I often feel that we undervalue both.

  3. madamewriter

    I like that they plan to turn from flowers to food for re-purposing. Clever thought.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you. Hunger won out over flowers. Very much liked your write up about Katie Miller,

      1. madamewriter

        Thank you, it was my first interview – I’m so glad you read it!

  4. Chekii

    I enjoyed reading your story, they made clever use of the toilet. I also learnt a variation of a word, thank you.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you, I too learn more each week from reading all the posts on Friday fictioneers,

    2. Michael Humphris

      I wish I had folded a thousand paper cranes. Love your imagery

  5. gahlearner

    This is a great take on the prompt, I like it very much.

  6. Alice Audrey

    I’m not sure if he was a genius or an idiot.

    Making soil that way reminds me of the movie The Martian – the part where the astronaut left behind farms Martian soil.

  7. Oliana

    Interesting story. God help us when this fiction turns to reality!!

    1. Michael Humphris

      To true, I hope it never turns into reality.

  8. oldentimes

    It may not be aliens who finish this job. We are poisoning ourselves rapidly.
    Very good take on the prompt!

    1. Michael Humphris

      What you say is very true, thank you for taking time to comment. Ps That’s a fine picture of the grands and greats about to go hunting for Easter eggs.

      1. oldentimes

        thank you, and those kids are a pretty good bunch, some of then were MIA that day

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