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Photo prompt curtsy of J Hardy Carroll
Photo prompt curtsy of J Hardy Carroll

Falcons hate to be caged, but then so would I. Yesterday I travelled past a prison, constructed in victorian times. I found myself wondering about those inside it. My thoughts travelled back to the 1960s and the time I spent with individuals who where kept under lock and key.

There are many ways to be imprisoned, one is dementia. So I find myself considering what happens to inmates of prisons who develop dementia. Dementia locks minds, denying freedom. High walls do not only surround prisons. Politicians unlock your purse strings. Dementia care should be free. Don’t promise. Just do it.

Here in Britain we are in the midst of an election campaign. Promises are being thrown into the public’s face.

Visiting Berlin
Visiting Berlin
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  1. Good one, Michael. Our 2020 Presidential mudslinging competition is already under way, with 11 months to go. “Im the good guy, trust me. He’s the bad guy. Don’t believe a word he says.” I’m already sick of it.

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