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Battle Scarred

Prompt provided by Bill Reynolds

The scars from battle’s fought take a toll. Each handle demons in a different way. A vicious swipe with a cane, or hefty swig of alcohol. A punishing comment, a nervous twitch, all might be seen. A scarred wrist, a stooping posture, a discreet desire. We all tried to conceal them, but fail. Until the bell calls. We enter classrooms. Chalk dust flies as spiders weave webs. Dreams may be broken but life continues.

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  1. Dear Michael,

    And the worst battle scars are those people can’t see, aren’t they? Nicely done.



  2. I’ve pondered this to understand and think this is saying that no matter what scars are carried into the classroom, the learning goes on regardless, maybe allows in those moments to leave them behind. Anyway, you made me think!

    1. Encouraging myself as the reader to ponder, is something I appreciate, so I am rather grateful for your feedback. In particular as at the moment I am rather lacking in my ability to comment.

    1. Rosemary I am so grateful for you feedback. Particularly as just at the moment I lack that ability myself. I have just come out of hospital after an operation and I am quite tired

    1. Today when I was out and about for my daily coffee update, I saw much hope for the future. ‘But’ I fortunately live in a great place. My writing would be so different if I lived elsewhere. My comment back to you really makes me think…

  3. That’s a fascinating collection of things in the photo. Your story took me two reads to “get it”–I think I just wasn’t paying attention the first time through 🙂

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