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And the moon turned red

Photo supplied by Anurag Bakhshi.
Photo supplied by Anurag Bakhshi.

“Hello big guy, them muscles ripple like an oily snake”.

“Leave my guy alone Sussie, Malc belongs to me tonight”

“No he don’t, this is a free house, if you don’t like it tough”

“Now girls I got enough for all of you, I is well known for delivering”

“Girls girls, decorum decorum, this must be a house of repute, as madam of this glorious house of ill repute, the men always get the say as to which gal they want, as long as it’s me. You know the rules. Malc’s my man. If you don’t like it leave”.

“pardon me, Ma’am, but I be man enough for all of you. Can’t we have an all in tonight. I been a long time cutting trees in that damned forest, now I wants a bower full of gals and lots of feathers, me axe will swing tonight”.

That night the house rocked like an earth quake had occourred. Neighbors say that even the moon turned bright red.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. It does seem so, but time will tell. I have a opening line for my next post, on flash fiction for aspiring writers. Not so sure yet as to how the dialogue will develop. I liked your feedback, thank you. Mike

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