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Time to leave

Photo copyright: Ted S
Photo copyright: Ted S

As Rex looked behind him, he knew any incoming help would be to late. The billowing clouds of smoke told their own story. Plant 158 had been said to be fail proof. It had been built with great care, and with a plentiful supply of lake water to keep the reactors cool. The very latest technology had been used to guard against any mistake made being made by the humans that operated the plant…

“Why grandad did they not listen when you told them about global warming. Was it because you don’t have a academic qualification”.

“No bless you no. It was not that, they just thought that they knew better”.

“But grandad, you showed them that over several millenniums the sun varies its output. You told them. You made it clear that there would be a sudden and prolonged rise in water temperatures”.

“Can humanity survive grandad”.

“Lillie, we may have to swim, and later go underground, but I promised your mum when we left her at the plant, that I would get you to safety”.

Footnote: Rex her grandad, is a modern day Noah. He has been developing a series of underground vaults for human survival, rather like the Svalbard Seed Vault. Well that’s my story.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. WoW! So close to reality too! Our current Prime Minister wants to put more money into protecting the planet and unfortunately the opposite party is offering tax cuts…go figure how stupid humans can be? So sad. Great story and writing!! Cheryl-Lynn

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