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Two girls riding camels

Photo prompt provided by Yarnspinnerr
Photo prompt provided by Yarnspinnerr

Genre: Humour and Risqué mixed, I hope…

“I ask you what’s a girl to do Marge, me man’s gone and done a bunk, he’s now in India, after working as a lumberjack in America, he’s a real globe trotter is my Malc”.

“Cheryl, let him get it out of his system, he will return when he’s sated his appetite”.

“But Marge, it’s his appetite that I am worried about, he near worn me out with his demanding ways. You know what he’s like. You slept with him”.

Aye I did, but that was when he was nought but a kid, before he upped and married you. He’ll calm down one day”.

“But I don’t want him back all worn out; a girls got needs you know”.

“Cheryl perhaps we should take a leaf out of his book, they say that Australia has gold and men with plenty of sap”.

“Let go, Marge it sounds like my kinda place”.

My story this week might be considered slightly risqué but it is meant to also be alittle humorous. Do let me know what you think. As I am considering trying to build a set stories around Marge and Cheryl…

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. I certainly hope to tell more about their travels, although others in my fictional catalogue are clamouring to get out. I was really pleased to read about how my story about these girls travels came across. Thank you for taking the time to comment Sonia.

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