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Why do they do it

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Photo copyright: Loretta Notto

Why do they do it, I ask myself that every day. We do them no harm, in fact we help them quite a lot. Yet they attack us at every opportunity. They trample on our young, they harvest our adolescents. They drive nails into our bodies and carve symbols on our skin. They even chip and burn us. If we manage to grow to become mature, they complain that we block out their light. Then when we die they complain about where we fall.

Will they ever understand that without us they will die. That we purify the air, that we offer shelter and shade. That we manage the climate in so many ways. Will they ever value that we absorb their toxins and excrete oxygen. We offer you fruits and medicines, and so many other benefits that you have yet to realise. We give you so much, please befriend us and protect us. Save us and you will save yourself.

A Tea Break for a Writer
A Tea Break for a Writer
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