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Twisted Memories.

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You are frightened of them.

I’m not.

Yes you are…

Now I loved domestic science, but somehow me and Miss Brown had got off on the wrong foot. Perhaps it was my scruffy appearance. What ever Miss Brown, just did not see things my way. So when she heard me taunting Christine about being scared of spiders she just had to test me.

Well go on boy, go out side and find a large spider. Let’s see you holding a spider. Miss Brown just did not understand me, for at that time I was not scared of any animal. So I did as I was told and went outside and searched the shrubbery for the largest spider that I could find.

Task completed I deposited  it on the table that served as a desk for Miss Brown. Now if she had asked me to spell spider I would have quaked in my shoes. And Christine was have laughed; for Christine was my saviour when it came to spelling. In truth Christine and I were good friends.


To me the tangle of wood in prompt looked like a spider. So once again I had posted a piece from my memoirs.

Sadly I cannot remember the real name of the domestic science teacher.  Hence my use of the title ‘Twisted Memories’,

[domestic science is perhaps better known these days as home economics]

In case anyone should wonder I used the word ‘taunting’ in the old fashioned way, meaning to exchange friendly banter.

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  1. Nice memories. I bet Miss Brown wasn’t too happy at your carrying out of her request. Would like to read the next couple of pargagraphs of your memoir to see the reactions. Funny how people react to friends who spa off each other with no malice and yet the bullies never seem to be picked up.

    1. She sure wasn’t, I was sent to see the headmaster.
      I think on hind sight that I was once better at spa-ing. Sadly my ability to cook has also deteriorated.
      My memoirs are written as a series of chronological events, I now need to craft these events into a readable formate.

      1. I enjoy the getting it into a readable format stage, it is the editing afterwards that I get sick of. I used a combination of chronology and a chapter being a complete story by itself. The theme therefore was chronologically driven but the chapters didn’t fit into the same chronology if that makes sense. Good luck with it. Would love to know how you are going with it.

        1. I put my memoirs on the back burner several years back, but now and again in tweek things a little. I have a tendency to see my memoirs as a unprintable ‘gene bank’, available for any of my family who need to use it in the future.

          1. I was in the lunchroom and my best friend and I got separated in line. I stood up and yelled her name, Laurna! The teacher on duty came and grabbed me and took me to my teacher and my teacher swatted me with a board about 5 times. I was wearing jeans that day. I cried and cried and laid my head down on my desk for the rest of the afternoon. Apparently, the teacher on duty had motioned me to sit down and I didn’t see her. A few weeks later we found out I needed glasses. I was near sighted.

          2. My teacher was a good teacher. She was very young and was doing what the older teacher told her to (spank me). Unfortunately I was raised and went to school when spankings were what dads and teachers did. That was the only spanking I ever got from a teacher. (thank goodness!)

          3. I remember those days, I received two caning from differing headmasters. But the one teacher I disliked used psychological methods to humiliate. But I really remember the good teachers that I met

  2. Ha ha ha. It looked like spiders to me too. In fact, confession time, I started my story on spiders yesterday, inspired by the ‘spiders’ in this picture, but that story did not wish to be bound by any word limit, so I gave in and gave up trying to fit it into 175 words. Which, of course, led to a new story on the prompt today, this time officially 🙂

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