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At the dead of night.

Photo copyright: What’s his name
Photo copyright: What’s his Name.

“Its a job Peter, I know it is not the job you hoped for, but it’s a job. Times are hard and with another bairn on the way your mam will not be able to take in washing. I promise when times get less hard you can try something better.”

“But dad”

“Son you will have the evenings free, you can still go to the Mechanics Institute to study”.

“But dad working as a Night Soil remover, the girls will shun me”.

“Its not for ever son. And Mr Horricks says that we can have a horse to pull the cart”.

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    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Susan, it helps me to understand what I do right and what I get wrong. Sadly I am not very able at giving good feedback, so I do really appreciate the feedback I receive. Mike

    1. Thank you Rochelle, sometime back I read about and then later saw a photograph of two men removing night soil. So I was pleased to see this prompt photo, which allowed me free reign to pen this story.

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