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A Christmas Message…

Prompt provided by Dale Rogerson.

The owl perched high, watched the otters gnawing wood. Soon the mice would have to swim for their life. Till then the owl reflected on hunting in the good old days. When she could catch her supper with dry feet, and return to a favoured perch. Now her perches ended up being woven into lodges or dam’s. The owl missed the old days, when human’s roamed the earth. Now their homes held only ghost’s and spiders.

May I wish all Friday Fictioneers, a comfortable and productive Christmas period… May the words flow for you… Mike Humphris…

Christmas greetings.
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  1. I wonder if the otters and beavers will inherit the Earth and drown all the humans in response to global warming. Entertaining and fanciful at the same time.

  2. It’s the human’s fault that she gets wet feet when hunting, and there’ll be enough mice and other critters, I’m sure. No more pesticides, rat poison, cars, planes… sounds like a good life fro an owl. Happy Holidays, Michael.

  3. Thank you for the Christmas greetings and well wishes! This time of year I do a lot of writing. If that photo of the wreath is lovely, if it’s on your door it is truly enviable.

    1. Claire, one of my brother in laws made the wreath, he will be so pleased to know that you liked it. Recently I read a year book published in 1880… I hope that those who compiled it enjoyed writing. Nearly a hundred and fifty years have past, but I felt a link to them.

  4. Hi Michael, I don’t go through the entire InLinkz. I’m glad I found your site this time. I wanted to read your pieces but for some reason there’s no referrer for your site from mine. There’s also no like button for your post. Anyway, I want to say thanks for reading my FFs and happy Holidays to you!

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