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Photo Prompt curtsy of Jean L Hays

Dear reader, you will know how it is, you purchase a computer, then acquired the knowledge of how to use it. All seemed as it should be. Until you went on line.
You found a plethora of information and web sites. You start browsing, all seems well with the world. You switched off, only to switch on the next day. Days move into weeks and you are hooked. You think about extending your reach, start writing stories.

You found EBay. A parcel arrives. A printing press, not yet. But perhaps it’s time to consider purchasing one. You consider self publishing. If I could go back to the sixteenth century and self circulate a manuscript. It might happen.

Visiting Berlin before lockdown
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    1. I do wonder what people would make of today’s flash fiction in the sixteenth century, if a time machine could take me their, I think I would have very many more stories to write

  1. Dear Michael,

    Nicely done. All the if only’s. How simple, yet how complicated things have become.



  2. Love this. I’ve often thought about how the current digital revolution is – and is not – like the invention of the printing press and related methods for copying manuscripts. So many deep thoughts there. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you Anne, I would need to learn how to make ink and paper, then learn how to turn feathers into quills. Still to watch a writer in action in the sixteenth century would be fascinating

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