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Photo copyright E Gant
Photo copyright E Gant

He was skulking in the shadows of the market. The dean of Manchester Cathedral out shopping had stopped to talk with Hannah asking after Pete’s widow. As cadet Johnson turned to leave, she smelt rather than saw Hutch, this time she would have him. The police officers arrived just as the storm broke.

Hutch was angry, the police would not hold him long, then he would have his revenge on Hannah.  First he must fain illness and get out of the police cell, then retrieve the dianabol from the litter bin. Strangeways was not having him.


[Her Majesty’s Prison at Manchester was formerly known as Strangeways]
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    1. Thank you Sandra: Over the last two weeks I have been working on Hannah’s story, which is centred on Salford docks. Lancashire and Strangeways just jumped out of the photo prompt.

  1. This Hutch seems to have everything planned out. But if he lets himself be smelled… maybe not so much. I hope Hannah keeps her wits together. Intriguing.

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