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Yip’s Story

Photo Prompt curtsy of R
Photo Prompt curtsy of Russell Gayer

Yip felt the breath of life ebbing away. She had known sadness, known fear. She had felt the heat of many summers. Seen her young grow into warriors. A story teller she knew all the stories of the tribe. Her favourite was of how they used to hunt the red fish that gathered each spring, Beautiful beings that gave the tribe energy when it was most needed. Yip needed energy now, but the gods had sent ice instead. A wall of ice that glowed and burnt your skin. Ice that had killed the fish.

Footnote: This week’s prompt reminded me of the Ice Age !

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. Thank you Abhijit, I was wondering about the group of individuals we call Neanderthals and how they might view the coming of a Ice Age. As modern society certainly can not understand the so called climate change

  1. Dear Michael,

    This piece flowed well. I agree with Dale. It’s one of your best. I felt Yip’s energy failing and her dread of the wall of ice. Well done.



  2. A sad and moving story and beautifully told. Individuals certainly suffer greatly when dramatic changes like that happen. Nature doesn’t care for individuals. Yip’s people will have to learn to fish in the sea or find deeper lakes to get their fish.

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