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It was such a strange dream, Wilomeana kept recalling it. However today she had a job interview at the Bodleian Library, she needed the job if she was to continue with her studies. As she passed the wrought-iron railings surrounding the library a poster caught her attention. Tonight at the library a informal talk was to be given on the mysteries of Mesopotamia. Successful in her job interview, she decided to treat herself, and attended the talk.

The presenter was a tall attractive undergraduate by the name of Septimius Sidebottom. During a break for refreshments she over heard some one asking him about the use of the fire pots and aromatic wood in Sudan. Septimius indicated that this tradition in all probability predated the earliest Egyptian civilisation, and that of Mesopotamia. Wilomeana recalled her dream which had featured standing on the top of a Ziggurat. Her interest in Septimius was developing nicely.

Footnote: Ziggurats are ancient terraced structures, considered perhaps to signify a link between heaven and earth.


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