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Why. Photo credit Yinglan
Photo credit Yinglan

Thoughout the world the order went out, all dogs to be separated from humanity.  People wondered why? But at this time only Jinggus-Guotin-Heng knew about Cooper and Henry. So Jinggus-Guotin- Heng issued the order, that humans were not allowed to fraternise with canines. No explanation was given. Fenced compounds were erected overnight. People protested, they hid their dogs, they locked their dogs up, but the state police came knocking, searching. It became a capital offence to keep a dog. It was as if you had betrayed the state if you kept a dog. The penalty for keeping a dog was the removal of your food ration.

Cooper asked why he and Henry had been locked up, he told Jinggus-Goutin-Heng that freedom to go where one wished was the right of all dogs. Cooper then asked why, now that dogs were obtaining the ability to speak, should they be denied freedom. But Jinggus-Guotin-Heng insisted that total silence remained his prime demand of his subjects, and told Cooper that talking dogs would not be tolerated.

Notenote: This is my flash fiction response for this weeks challenge from FFfAW [Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers].

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  1. Talking dogs would be a strange thing, indeed. How sad it would be for this world if people were not allowed to keep dogs or have dogs be a part of their lives anymore. Great story Michael, with such a sad outcome.

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