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Building Dams

Photo prompt cur
Photo prompt Sunsan Spaulding

I never thought this would be me. I thought that I was going to build dams in the Southern Hemisphere. Now instead of rice and vegetable curry, I am eating burgers and putting on weight. We had such plans. Traveling the world and helping out where ever we could. Learning how to live life. How to understand our place in the universe. I really miss you.

Now I sit eating alone on a bench. I have become a difter, lost in a world of my own making. If only I had said no, but you so needed to return home to see your parents. I should have come with you. Prevented your life being taken by a religious fanatic.

I know what you would tell me, carry on undertaking voluntary work. But I can’t. I keep thinking about you and the children we would have had. Of the good we could have done together. Now I find myself feeding the birds. Helen one has taken a shine to me. It is a beauty. It reminds me of your love of animals. I have decided to work in a animal shelter. I hope you understand. I do love you.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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