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What goes around comes around

Prompt provided by Lisa Fox

I have a passion for travelling fast Andrea …

Yes I recall you taking a ride on the Big Dipper at Blackpool, you where as sick as a dog that day.

But that was due to eating to many whelks.

If you say so George, but I am not going on that contraption, if it stops suddenly we will be fast food for the alligators.

Well Andrea, the whelks might think that was karma.

St Annes
Yep it is I

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  1. I like your title and the idea of fast food for alligators… it’s not the food that’s fast in that case!

    Love the picture of the dog too – he looks like he wouldn’t mind a whelk if there are any spare

  2. Dear Michael,

    First I had to look up whelks. Hm. I can see where too many of them might cause issue. Love the dialogue. Well done.



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