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Still putting pen to paper

Photo curtsy of Dale Rogerson

This stormy scene is reminiscent of my last few weeks. I should have kept on walking. Instead I landed up in hospital. Pulses of pain, had me crawling up the wall. Even my trusty hound looked worried. Flashing light carry me to hospital. Over a month later, I am at last home. After the surgeons with his tools performed a miracle. A protracted and very gradual recovery plan, means at least I will have time to write….

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  1. So glad you’re finally out of hospital. A month is a VERY long time to be hospitalized! The weather is nice again which will help with your healing.

    1. Thank you Rochelle, All I allowed to do at the moment is draw and write. The ward staff where quite bemused when I started covering the wall next to my bed with drawings of walls and trees. In fact they seemed to like it.

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