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What ever you do

Photo prompt curtsy of A A
Photo prompt curtsy of Ted Strutz

It is a strange tale that I relate. It starts with a ruined castle. What ever you do; don’t fall asleep in the courtyard, for deep beneath are a labyrinth of tunnels. From each tunnel, rather small gothic arches allow entry to a single chambers. Each chamber is simply furnished with a pair of trestles on which rests a closed coffin. The walls of these chambers are plastered with black and white photographs. Each photograph being the image of a soul lost to the coffin occupant. Yes a dark cold fireplace from each chamber allows access to the courtyard and the wider world above.

Footnote: This week my inspiration comes from last week, when I drove past the ruined castle at Middleham, North Yorkshire … ! … although I keep reworking this snippet I continue to remain dissatisfied with the outcome. Last week I found myself posting very very late have spent the weekend at the Locomotion Museum at Shildon.

Photo of Middleham castle curtsy of Tony Murgatroyd
Photo of Middleham castle taken by Tony Murgatroyd
Visiting Berlin
Visiting Berlin
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  1. Enjoyed this subterranean tour. Makes me wonder why and how these souls were lost to the coffin–perhaps because, like us, they were foolish enough to peruse thisoergatory? Eerie ewith a sense of imminent danger.

        1. I have visited Haworth regularly since the 1970, I love it, but I do miss the older style traditional shops that once lined its Main Street. As for the last of the summer wine, it was extraordinarily good.

  2. A creepy but good story, Michael. I’ll not only not fall asleep there but not go anywhere near that place. I’m surprised the villagers haven’t spread garlic and carved crosses around the place . O_o — Suzanne

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