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Transfer station

Photo Prompt curtsy of M M
Photo Prompt curtsy of Na’ama Yehuda

Ellen we have no choice, we have to leave the old city. I know that it holds so many happy memories for us. But New London is the future, it has no cars, so no fumes. There are no weather outrages, no need to walk unless you wish to. Crime has almost been abolished, just think about it Ellen.
We will be able to live longer, gliding around a new city on hovering borths. They are the vehicles of the future. We will live in a new city beneath an umbrella of plastic. It’s a fabulous way to use plastic.

A morning walk at Burnsall
A morning walk at Burnsall
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    1. Na’ama I was not aware of “ The Dome ” by Stephen King. Now I feel that I am in good company… Sadly my domes are jet black for they make use of the mountain of plastic waste collecting on planet earth.

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