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Mrs McDuffy’s Pantomime

Photo copyright: C EAYER
Photo copyright: C E AYER

The Reverend acquiesced to his housekeepers request that she was allowed to organise the play. At least she was utilising one of the boxes of candles.  The theme she suggested seemed alright; surely nothing could go wrong in a play centred around the months of the year. Wrong. First two of the children had been so bored that they started eating the candles. Then McDuffy had the school children stringing holly leaves. “They were only to decorate the stage Vicar”. The school called a doctor, plus the school nurse to soothe inflamed hands and arms. Then the boulder flattened the stage.

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  1. Yikes, looks like Mrs. McDuffy has bitten off more than what she could chew. Plans often go out of the window when kids are involved. Well written, Michael. I enjoyed reading this one.

  2. Mrs. McDuffy sounds like a walking catastrophe.
    May I make a suggestion? Leave out the word “wrong.” It’s unneccesary as the narrative quickly describes the debacle that occurs.

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