The Conversation: Part Two

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You know that the authorities where baffled, by the bodies turning up. Then Brogan a research student identified one of the bodies. That it was Jessie Dunn, a member of her family from the twentyfirst century.

Everyone knows that Jessie was one of the first to travel back in time in the year 2027 , and that she never returned. We know that once Brogan had discovered the link between the bodies and time travel, what surprised the scientists was the mixture of genes in the returning bodies. It has now become clear that all the returning individuals had somehow survived as animals. Now that we have killed all the animals, the time travellers had to return.

Professor Jap

It seems that I have a dichotomy having posted two stories with the same title and on the same subject. In time I will have to amalgamate them. I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused to my readers, but it does illustrate how this writers mind works. In that each story that I write usually has several totally differing drafts.

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  1. Lynn Love

    Always fun to wander along the roads of time travel!

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you Lynn. I am finding that out, I have penned quite a few stories set in the future, but until this month never using time travel.

      1. Lynn Love

        Time travel’s always fun, if tough to keep your head round!

        1. Michael Humphris

          Thank you Lynn, I do find the thought of actual time travel challenging. Yet in a way watching TV is a form of time travel.

          1. Lynn Love

            And looking at old photographs, and even handling antiques, especially anything very old and personal. I was given a Tudor sixpence by my husband years ago and to hold that. to wonder at the loaf of bread it might have bought or the payment to be a groundling at the Globe … The closest to time travel I’ll get 🙂

          2. Michael Humphris

            A Tudor sixpence – Make me think about the people who may have handled it. Writing up their personal stories would be so interesting.

          3. Lynn Love

            Made me think the same thing, Michael. It’s a little clipped too, so some cheeky devil has snipped some of the silver away to do who knows what with. One of my favourite possessions. 🙂

          4. Michael Humphris

            I wonder where the clipped piece ended up. It could be a story in its self.

          5. Lynn Love

            Very true 🙂

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