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Walking the Walk

Photo copyright: J Hardy Carroll
Photo copyright: J Hardy Carroll

You can walk down many streets in any town and see redundant sports facilities. For there is only one game played now. A game of life and death for four players. If you come first you gain another full year of life, come second and you get six months, come third and you get three months. But come fourth and you are given the red seed of death. The worlds leaders say that it is the fairest way of controlling the population. But what I want to know is why the leaders and their political advisors are exempted from the games.

Footnotes: Some stories just seem determined to be run on or be told. This week’s offering stands alone, but can also be seen as a follow up to my last story for Friday Fictioneers, called ‘Freyja will deliver the torch’.
I am unfortunately still unable to use the ‘like’ button, but I do read all stories posted on FF.

Michael Humphris.

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  1. Dear Michael,

    I thought Hunger Games, too. However, that last line is a sucker punch to the gut. Politicians do seem to be exempt from…everything. What’s up with that? Well done.



  2. I’m reminded of Hunger Games… Gladiator… I think, we need to be Terminators.
    There’s the good question by the narrator towards the end.

  3. This does stand alone, but I’m not keen on your game stories. It’s just typical that the instigators of the games are exempt from participation. Very well told and unsettling.

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