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The Conversation

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Photo copyright: Roger Bultot

There are many special numbers 7 works for me, you will have your own numbers, although many people it seems never find their own special numbers. Brogan however knew her number only to well. 2727 that was the year that she stumbled upon the real secret of time travel.

I should point out that time travel had been possible since 2027 but between the year 2027 and 2727, anyone who undertook to time travel never returned. For between these dates traveling in time meant having a one way ticket. But in the year 2727, people started coming back.

Jessie Dunn was the first …

Footnote: This story developed last night as I was trying to get to sleep. I will be posting the full version on my website soon.

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  1. Dear Michael,

    I take it 2727 wasn’t any better than 2017? Otherwise, why would they want to come back. 😉

    I understand the dilemma of not being able to upload the prompt photo. How does the story relate to the photo?



    1. Hi Rochelle, when the time traveller started returning, they were all quite dead. The scientists in 2727 soon develope a understanding of the terrible nature of time travel.

      The prompt photo shows a group of customers talking to the Dinner’s owner. Their conversation is about the recent spate of bodies that are appearing across the street from them, at the historic site of a time travel centre.

        1. Hi Rochelle. I have posted a ‘follow up’ about my time travel story. Follow up story posted on this weeks Friday Fictioneers, I hope that this is ok, I will try not to make a habit of doing this. Mike

  2. It is a interesting concept, time travel. Can’t wait to where this story goes from here. My fave number is 250… don’t remember why or if it means anything, just is.

    1. At present the way this story? is developing it is unlikely that they will rejoin with their families. I have two potential paths for this story to take, one path is grim, the other path is very very grim.

  3. I think I’ll wait for time travel when it is tried and true… I wouldn’t want to not be able to come back… oh wait… maybe some days I would!

  4. I think I might rather visit the past than the future, but who knows. At least you’d have some inkling of what to expect when you got there.

  5. Interesting, although there is a dichotomy.Time travel is available from 2027. I understand a one way ticket if you’re going back in time, because the past doesn’t have time travel yet, but if anytime after 2027 does why can’t they get a one way ticket back at least, or is it only time travel forwards?

    1. Hi Michael, my story [The Conversation] is still developing. I have posted a second part on this weeks Friday Fictioneers. I will try to deal with the dichotomy in what I trust and hope will be a third and finial post. Perhaps next week if the prompt picture allows it.

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