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Images of a lock down day

yep it’s me, I was the cause of this for I needed a wee

Around me russet beech leafs flutter like butterfly’s, as my companion’s fur ripples, like a lake disturbed in a strong breeze. In a clear blue sky, crows glide and soar like kites. Watched by a black cat who four white paws give him away despite his hiding in the shadows. A young neighbour kicks his football, only for the breeze to sneakily carry it away. A tiny tot cries, for she wanted to join in. Whilst wrapped a their own world a couple walk hand in hand. And yes reader as William Wordsworth wrote “I wandered lonely as a cloud”…

Footnote: My inspiration for this post comes in part from a note book known as The Grasmere Journal by Dorothy Wordsworth (1771 – 1855) In this lock down period I plan to keep by own journal in an redundant diary.

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    1. Thank you Rochelle. I am sorry that for the moment swimming is not available. Myself during this lockdown period, I am going to try a few differing ways of writing. Thanking you for all the work you undertake to keep FF going Mike

    1. Thank you so much Sandra. I am a fan of dogs, but I do love short haired collies. I receive a lot of pleasure from my four legged friends and my interest in gardening. Do you still have a garden.

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