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Iris and Faith

Photo copyrighted: A Mixed Bag
Photo copyrighted: A Mixed Bag. For me this was a great photo, full of potential, which stimulated my flagging muse.

Looking back no one realised that the entry of the small craft would change the way we looked at our world. Like Darwin on the Beagle, Iris and Faith had travelled the ocean. Iris like Darwin had held a profound belief, for which she now had the proof. The implications of which would shake the very foundations of human belief.

Faith had carried Iris across the Atlantic and into the Pacific Ocean, for four months Iris had observed and charted a developing atoll, which was forming around recent volcanic eruptions. Then as Iris was completing what was to be her last dive she followed a shoal of fish into a deep recess. The light from her head torch was reflected back tenfold. What she saw in the next few moments was indelibly etched into her mind. For the light from her torch penetrated a donut shaped object, with it’s glass like walls which allowed Iris to see inside.

Then Iris felt the water around her quiver and spotted the fish rushing out of the recess. As Iris was leaving the recess began to close, but not before Iris spotted the specimens held within the oblate spheroid.


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