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Like spindrift

Photo curtsy of D D
Photo curtsy of Susan Spaulding

The bond might be broken, but I will remember earth. Humanity may be spread throughout the universe. Spread like spindrift by the catalisum that overtook the blue planet. Our children may be waites and strays, drifting along on cosmic winds. But the blue planet travels in their hearts. It will not be forgotten, for they and I will attempt to record it’s history and ultimate demise.

A demise that began by a camp fire, high on the plains of Mongolia. Started after the taming of a wild horse. A war lord saw in this taming, the opportunity for advancement. Within a century hordes of warriors threatened those who lived in peace. A fabulous Great Wall was built, but could not stop the Mongolia warriors. A new magic was needed to fend off the troublesome swarm. Saltpetre mixed with sulphur and charcoal was placed in vessels and exploded to frighten the warriors horses. Refinements would follow, Stronger and stronger deterrents would be sort. Armergeddon would follow. The day of earth’s demise had arrived.

Visiting Berlin
Visiting Berlin
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  1. I would consider us fortunate if the whole thing just blew up at once.. Far more inviting way to go than just killing ourselves off slowly as I fear we may do.. Wonderful write, Mike!

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