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It was

Prompt from Roger Bultot

It was the strangest of feelings, Dominica had just arrived in town for a short holiday, yet this street was so familiar. She was carried back nearly one hundred years, she was watching a young girl playing hopscotch. Then clatter of iron shod wheels startled her. An old bay horse, its head down struggling to pull a rag and bone trolley, “ any old bones” . She could smell laundry being washed, cabbage boiling. It was so strong. A cry of anguish reached her ears. Her head hurt so much. In the that moment she knew her history.

Greetings from Mike.
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  1. Enjoyed this deja-vu story, Michael, so evocative of a past life perhaps, or a empathy with the surroundings. All the details just add to its captivating charm.

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