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The Crop

Copyright ; Dale Rodgerson
Photo Copyright ; Dale Rodgerson

The ice queen smiled as she saw the results of her work. This year there was a bumper crop of icicles ready for picking. Tonight she would send her slaves to harvest the crop and place it into cold storage. Ready for tomorrow. A day she had been planning for centuries.

For so long she had put up with Lord Emreht and his clan. Their filthy habit of breathing methane had gone on far to long. For centuries the methane had tainted her work. At last tomorrow Titan would return under her rule. Tomorrow she would deliver the perfect storm.



Please forgive me if I do not comment very much at present. … l am a bit stretched. I am working on a couple of new projects. Details in the new year. I will however continue to read all the stories posted on Friday Fictioneers.

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    1. The ice queen is a character that has appeared in several of my stories over the years, but I still do not know if she is working for good or evil intent. Thank you for the feedback, it is appreciated.

  1. A satirical fantasy! Now that really is a different take on the prompt. I suppose eventually the descendants of the Ice Queen and Lord Emreht will learn they’re not so different after all.

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