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Photo copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Field
Photo copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Field

Plain white sheets harvest a dream, a love child will be born whilst we dream. As soft music played little did we know dreams can be broken.

Now I lay alone whilst listening to Radio Caroline …

In my head, I compose hard rock.

Musicians around the world beware of broken dreams.

Do not let your legacy be strident, learn the rules of life. We arrive, we depart. In between play good music. Let your legacy be told. Be that in fine music or written prose.

When Fridays arrive let the words tell your stories, whether musical or not.

Michael Humphris.

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  1. I also loved the opening and at the risk of saying what everyone already knows, i really like your use of white sheets as being both the locale of conception but also the pages on which a musical composition can be written. Lovely double entendre!

  2. Simply lovely. “We arrive, we depart. In between play good music.” A wonderful gem of advice in your warm-hearted, thoughtful piece, Michael. I thoroughly enjoyed it, Jilly.

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