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Coffee with Memories

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Her pockets full of shattered dreams she waited patiently. She wondered was what she was doing right. Boijim lay beside her as if asleep. But he was in a coma. He had been so since his battle with Titans underground inhabitants. Boijim’s space ship had taken a direct hit and had been sent spiralling into Saturns rings. A recovery craft had picked up his envac module, but not before it had been encased in frozen methane.

Rita and Boijim had planned every detail of this wedding over countless cups of coffee. Right down to which pairs of sun glasses they would take with them to earth for their honeymoon. She had decided that until Boijim came out of the coma, she would stay at his side; but as his wife. The marriage would go ahead as planned, the honeymoon could wait. Earth was going nowhere, like her, till Boijim recovered.

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  1. A sad story in some ways. Even in the future with spaceships etc. there are still accidents and people ending up in comas. They haven’t managed to figure out how to wake people up. Maybe this guy just needs the coma to heal and will wake up. But maybe he’s brain dead and she won’t accept that he’s gone yet. How can they marry if he can’t say “I do” in some form or sign the right papers? Sad, maybe hope, but it seems his poor lady is goin g to have more tough times ahead. Great job!

    1. So time ago there was a court case about a woman using her dead partners sperm. She got permission so I thought getting permission to marry will occur. I my mind Boijim will come out of the coma. Then the story could get interesting… In a longer draft of this story, I describe how they might wake him from the coma. Interestingly enough on tonight’s news, there was an article about a new method used to partly wake a man in France who had been in a coma for some time.

  2. A very different one from you, Michael. Did you and James decide to write for each other? Coming back to the story, I liked the way you have portrayed Rita. Loyalty is a very difficult trait to find among humans these days. Boijim is indeed lucky.

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