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Time out on Simons Seat

Photo copyright: Danny Bowman.
Photo copyright: Danny Bowman.

Walking the ancient pathway, at last Joseph reached the remote rock face and the hollowed rock know as Simons Seat. Relaxing he attempted to turn his thoughts to the tribes problem, without much success. Soon he was asleep, only to be woken by a terrifying scream…

Leaning over the jagged cliff face he saw the most magnificent hunting dog hanging half way down, it’s front leg caught in a crevice. Carefully Joseph inched his way to the bitch, using one hand to clamp himself to the cliff face, he took the weight of the dog.



In the last  few days I have been shredding paper work! Now I intend to review the material that I have written over the last ten years. Although I will read every post on Friday Fictioneers, I am unlikely to comment for a time.

Today post is a hazily remembered clip from one of my unpublished novels.

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  1. Enjoyed your rescue story this week. I’m sure that the dog became his constant companion after this. Good luck on your shredding and your writing.

      1. I do that about every six months or so. Hubby says I hoard little pieces of paper…the likes of which are covered in writing. I just can’t stand to see good paper go to waste when there’s a story to be told. BTW, Fri Fic’s fit well on grocery receipts. hehe,

        1. Until recycling really got going, I tried to be careful with paper. Recalling how paper was once a rare commodity.

          Today I used a Costa coffee receipt to record the details of a book I wish to read. On my previous trip to a coffee shop, the back of a receipt was used to draw details of a switch mechanism. What can I say: I must have a receipt fetish

    1. I like him, so he should be alright. The need to bring clarity to rather a lot of old writing notes and short stories, intimidates me. But it is better that I deal with it sooner then later, I guess.

  2. What a great bloke! I ‘ve just signed up with a dog rescue group and have two pups on my lap. They think you’re great. Hopefully, they won’t be needing such help.
    xx Rowena

      1. They gave you a big lick and then fell asleep on my lap reading your message, Michael. My in-laws have fostered babies for years. Puppies are much easier and so much fun. We love them so much!

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