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The Prisoners of Deimos

Photo copyright
Photo copyright: Dale Rogerson

I say Fred what do we have here? Looks tempting Roger, come on then, lets see what we can find. Quietly does it, we don’t want to wake the dead, do we?

‘Or break the egg’.

Do you think aliens built it? Roger. Maybe Fred.

‘We did’.

Look here Roger, there’s some kind of television.

‘It’s a panel you numpty’

It’s rather cold.

‘So would you be if you had been waiting here for someone to find you for millennia. Then you two numpties come along’.

I say we leave it, its only plastic.

‘Platinum numbskulls’.

‘I dare you – LET US OUT ‘ย 



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  1. That was fun indeed… In the second sentence, do you really mean “them” or “then”?
    Love the term Numpty – thanks to Mr. Ayr, Rochelle and I use it a lot… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Naw… but as you might have noticed, Mr. Ayr himself accuses me of being a typo specialist.. so I’m just protecting you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And thank you. Glad you liked my picture (It’s really the storage area of a winery in Tuscany!)

      1. I love that, too. I try to read them all, and I’d comment on all, too, if there were that many hours in the day. I always enjoy your stories even when I can only browse.

  2. I didn’t quite understand the context of it, but it’s early here in the States. I liked the comedy. Fun stuff. I might just be adding “numpty” to my vocabulary.

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