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Through the eyes of a dragon called Keira

Prompt photo provided by our guide Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

A report on a meeting with earths leaders from dragon queen Keira….
My lords… Earths leaders are concerned about our mining activity on their moon, as their moons nocturnal reflection levels are decreasing. They are also extremely worried by the visits to their planet, from rogue interspace pirates, who are sampling the ocean water. Earths leaders state that the ocean level has dropped by two of their inches. Their leaders also muttered about not receiving access to our latest space drive units… for their minions desire to explore the universe. That of course would indeed be very traumatic … for the cosmos. 🦠 Keira

A report from Earth by Keira
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  1. Dear Michael,

    Queen Keira is looking out for her subjects. One must be wary of earth’s leaders.



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