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Not Today

Thanks are due to [@any1mark66] for his photo used for this weeks writing prompt
My thanks are due to [@any1mark66] for his photo used for this writing prompt.
I watched as the bald headed eagle conducted a choir of bears. My nemesis had ordered it to be so: for he was courting a raven haired beauty. He was working hard to have her. His bride had once been thoughtful. This just fired up his evil passion more. He even put his plan to dominate the world on hold. He was in love and had forgotten that he was supposed to be purchasing a man to operate the furnace.

Sadly there was plenty of candidates for that too, so many were taking the wrong path. I called to them and I cried for them. Sometimes my tears would create a river and redeem them. Today I had shed enough tears to flood the world, but the girl from space was not touched by them. For she now wore a suit of pure evil which had created a barrier to them. She would become another bride for the devil.


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    1. I am glad that came over. It was for me, the only way that I was able to handle the prompt. It always fascinates me the differing responses/results that come out of each prompt from those who write.

  1. Well that’s rather grim. On the other hand, it could be the theme of an old “B” science fiction movie: “The Alien Who Married the Devil”.

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