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The Starfire Tug

    Photo prompt curtsy of C E Ayr
    Photo prompt curtsy of C E Ayr

    Shara Langstaff was pleased to be on holiday. Although she loved working as an engineer on the Starfire tug. A recent event had unsettled her. Her best friend Louise had been seriously injured in a collision with a car. Shara and Louise weren’t a couple, but a closer pair of friends would be hard to find. Shara checked her Facebook page, but there was still no sign of Louise’s missing dog Buster.

    As an amateur astronomer, Shara usually found life at sea rewarding, as it often gave her time to watch the stars. But when she had a few days shore leave it not unusual to find her sitting at a remote location near Loch Ness. Tonight she was focused on watching a meteor shower. One particularly large and bright meteor seemed to be heading towards the Loch. She watched as it closed on the Loch, glowing bright red then amber, then the meteor metamorphosed into a metallic dragon. With an explosion of steam the dragon entered the Loch, then change from amber to a dull grey. Nessie had returned to her favourite cold earth Loch for her own holiday.


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