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Prompt curtsy of C E Ayer
Prompt curtsy of C E Ayr

When the storm arrived few foresaw the chaos it would cause. One insignificant plastic bag was picked up and carried on the wind until it came up against an immovable object. In this case, a taut steel cable. The bag wrapped itself tighter and tighter around the cable, until not a hairs breath of space could be found anywhere. Swaggering along the cable came a hardened steel bow, carried along on a wave of electricity. Perhaps the plastic bag smiled, then again perhaps it did not. However it interrupted the contact between the bow and the cable, and so the 8.15 into the city came to an halt.

Questions would be asked in the House of Parliament, about said plastic bag. Had it not denied the trains passage, perhaps the two pariliamentarians would have made the count. Both where strong supporters of the Brexit campaign. When the vote for Britain to leave the European Union was lost by one vote, it seems that the storm had intervened.

With the electric supply off, the plastic bag was unwrapped, it displayed a bold logo. Which stated, Brexit is Disloyal to Europe. Thousands of such bags peppered the line to London from the North.

Visiting Berlin
Visiting Berlin
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