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The Spanish Tavern

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Photo copyright: Fatima Fakier Derik

If only I had sailed on by; but no I had that sailors thirst. Adventure, booze and women in that order. I was minding my own business in the Spanish Tavern when she walked by. Her hair like a lion’s mane, her mutilated body working hard to survive. She picked up a tray of empty glasses and turned for the bar. Someone put out a leg and sent her flying. Then the landlord walked over and started kicking her. I heard myself saying enough is enough. Landlord here’s a purse for your loss. Now leave her alone.

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    1. Thank you Dale, I penned this piece in a hurry whilst waiting for an appointment at my surgery. I have now altered it after reading your comment. I am afraid that I am somewhat of a duffer when it comes to grammar. So any help is always welcome. Sadly I absolutely hated English lessons at school. I regret that now.

  1. Shocking… and strange that landlord would be her to the point of mutilation. She won’t last long. I wonder how many others he has in his service, that he doesn’t mind losing a worker.

    1. The landlord is a drunkard; but some of the mutilation occoured before he purchased her! My story was set around 1800 and prompted by the sailing boat with the brown sails in the picture. Thank you so much for your feedback.

  2. Let’s hope her future is much brighter now. There are tales of owners being very kind to their slaves, having them educated, treating them (almost) as equals. Nicely done Michael

        1. Thank you, the feed back on this story is brilliant, it has helped me to develope the characters more. My writing hints are being fleshed out, which is great. Hopefully one day I may write a little more about these individuals.

  3. The real world isn’t always a pretty place. I’m glad you gave her a rescuer. The nice thing about fiction is you can always craft a happy ending.

    1. In my writers mind I saw a woman who had been flogged and branded, then scarred by knife cuts as she fought to protect herself. I tried to put all of those events into mutilated! Thank you so much for your comment which has helped me develope my understanding of this character. I can now write about her again.

    1. Yep I believe he may be a likeable rogue, I will have to see if I can develope his character. Alicia has already encouraged me to develop the character of the women he rescued. Thank you for your feed back

  4. The horror in this comes across really well Michael, I like it. Those were horrible times, I often wonder how I would have been, what I would have done, especially as I’d only know the mindset of the times. It makes you shudder.

    1. He will, I hope to write about her again at some point. She was poor but proud of her heritage. Replying to all the comment about her has helped me understand her better. Thank you for commenting

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