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The Ship

Enei felt that she had watched from afar for too long, today she would change that. Approaching a porthole she peered into the ships kitchen. Her eyes opened wide as she saw the delicate items sitting on a table. She was mesmerised by a model of the ship created from coral. Now Enei knew what she had to do. Returning to the shadows she allowed herself to transform back to her natural colour. At 16.00 hours she approached the USS Saratoga. Wearing an insignia of a British naval captain she was welcomed on board the carriers flight deck. Pleasantries completed, she was invited below for dinner. The ships canteen was buzzing with excitement. Unfamiliar light effects had spun the ocean with weird patterns after the nuclear explosion had subsided. Enei chose her moment to act. With her tentacles wrapped around the glowing piece of coral, she made a bid for escape. Out though the glassless porthole and down into her cavernous cave. Enei was satisfied for the present, as she realised that love has many forms.

Footnote: As welcome rain falls, I decided to stay in bed and write a romance. What arrived, was unexpected. After an illustrious career the USS Saratoga was sunk in mid 1946 by a nuclear charge.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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