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The S’eance

friday fictioneers 21-01-2016My music is gone; no more can you see my fingers dancing over these ivory keys. Light the candles my Spanish Eyes. Be happy, write and be content and still allow music into your life.

Tears may flow, but our flowers will still bloom and the sun will still shine for them and you. Please look to the future, walk on, live on and let the drums still sound. Find new colour in your writing my Spanish Eyes. Sell the piano, get a writing desk, but keep my love. You are not alone, that’s my message to you, it’s not goodbye, darling.

Flash Fiction in response to Friday Fictioneers photograph 21-01-2016. Photo credit and copyright Jan W Fields.

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    1. I think also there is a tendency to read texts at Friday Fictioneers through a sinister veil… I realise it can be read in many ways, and especially in 100 words you have to be ambiguous – which I like. You did a great job on the text.

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