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Just Wait Till Tomorrow

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Photo copyright: Al Forbes.

Look at them, just look at them, they think that they are the bee’s knees. Smelly things. I just do not know why the humans like them. They are soulless without a spark of life. And they are poisoning the air that we all have to share.

Don’t worry Ned: the master’s daughter still loves us.Β 

I know she does, but look she’s sitting inside one, it fair turns me blood Meg.

She will be alright, has she got her seat belt on, can you see Ned.Β 

She’ll need one tomorrow, when she rides me.

O don’t be like that Ned.

I do see you
I do love you Ned
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  1. Loved this. Warn poor Ned he might be cutting off his nose to spite his face if he starts being too rough.
    I like that old cliche, “the bee’s knees.” “DOWN with banning CLICHES! πŸ™‚

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