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The Potter’s Daughter

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The day was damp, just right for working the clay that Samuel had dug out of the bank. He had sent his apprentices home, for he had been given a special commission. The priest had been quite clear. If Samuels work did not come up  to the required standard, they would demand that his daughter became the next sacrifice.

Samuel bent to his work, his fingers kneed and worked the clay untill it was truly malleable. Then he built up the basic shape that he needed. Then he set to, he pared and sliced. Removing minuscule pieces to obtain the effect that was required.

As he worked he would occasionally glance towards where his daughter sat. Since her birth she had been his inspiration. His work had become desirable. Now the priests wanted a gift for the queen. One month later the sculpture was finished. As it was Samuels trade mark, he had painted his figurine. He stood back and smiled, it was his best piece of work so far.

It is said, when the priest presented this masterpiece to the queen, that she threw it to the floor. Mirror mirror who is the fairest of them all.

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  1. Love the fairy tale style to this. And what a great tension, that his daughter’s life is at stake. The ending suggests that he guessed wrong about what would please the Queen, though, so… I’m hoping Part 2 is an exciting escape plan!

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