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Pressing Sam

Photo copyright: Mag
Photo copyright: Magaly Guerrero

As the sun faded Meg collected her specimens and carried them to her workshop. Carefully she arranged them between layers of tissue, them placed piles of books over them.

Standing back she scanned the crowed walls of her studio, its floral decorations brightened her mood. That was until she thought about Sam. If only she had pressed him when they first met. What colour he had then. Now all he could do was demand, where’s my supper, my slippers, the remote. He was not even worth pressing now. Was he? As she looked at the rickety garage wall she wondered.

A Tea Break for a Writer
A Tea Break for a Writer

Footnote: This was the original planned story for this weeks photo prompt. My earlier posting rather took over!

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  1. Haha. When I was reading the footnote to your other story, I was wondering briefly about the pressed flowers. Now I know. I love it, especially the humour in it.

  2. An amusing but kind of sad take on the prompt. It’s such a pity that people lose their colour and love often turns so sour and focused on the mundane. Meg certainly needs to do something radical to get Sam’s attention and stop him taking her for granted.

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